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HORL®2 - Nut or Oak
A Produkt of: HORL 1993 GmbH
The HORL®2 offers full flexibility for individual requirements. Interchangeable grinding wheels, the 15° grinding angle for filigree as well as the 20° grinding angle for stable sharpness offer more possibilities when sharpening knives. The diamond grinding wheel and the ceramic honing side guarantee impressive results. The newly developed mounting technology and built-in ball bearings create a play-free rolling feeling.

For even more sharpness - the premium sharpening package brings out the full sharpening potential from particularly fine blades. The fine-grained #3000 corundum grinding wheel refines the result of the diamond grinding wheel. Then the even finer #6000 corundum disc brings out even more sharpness. Finally, the HORL® leather provides the final sharpness. (Both corundum discs can be used without water).

Even faster sharp with the HORL®2 Pro. The gear planetary transmission with a 1:3 ratio inside lets you grind 3 times faster.


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