2 - 4 March 2024 CADEAUX Leipzig - Trade Fair for Gifts and Lifestyle Trends
Pitti incense burner small, with teapot, RATAGS item no. 9911-55, Size approx. 15x17x16 cm (WxHxD)
Pitti is a big fan of tea and coffee. Warmly wrapped in a soft scarf and a warm bobble hat, the little leprechaun sits on his butt and holds a teapot in his hands. From the open lid of the teapot, if you like, pours the smoke of an incense candle with delicious coffee scent. And it should not be missing at any birthday party. The smoking Pitti is made of beech hardwood. This hardwood behaves particularly dimensionally stable and is largely heat resistant. We have polished the glaze so that it develops a noble satin sheen. The characteristic white fur on the head and arms contrasts with the dark body. The scarf and cap are adorned with gray plush pom-poms, and the two red shoes each have their white pom-poms. The blue coffee pot with the bent copper handle is a real eye-catcher and puts the crown on our Räucherpitti.
Genuine handmade from the house RATAGS - Made in Germany - 100% original Erzgebirge



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