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Gin de Cologne
A product of: Cologne Spirits GmbH

Gin de Cologne is passionately handcrafted in Cologne. With over 12 botanicals such
as peel of lemon, orange and lime, lavender- and hibiscus blossom and of course
Gin de Cologne is even an option for people who normally don’t like gin. Because of
the mild taste and high quality, Gin de Cologne is not as bitter as other gins.
The brand Gin de Cologne is not a part of a large spirits company. Abbass Khatami,
CEO of Cologne Spirits GmbH, created Gin de Cologne in 2017.
Since 2017, our product portfolio has expanded. Currently we offer Gin de Cologne in
four different varieties.
While our classic version has it’s focus on citrus fruits, Gin de Cologne Rosé is a
dream in rosé with 15 botanicals. We refined our Gin de Cologne with raspberries,
blueberries and strawberries.
Gin de Cologne Orange has been launched in 2020. With over 13 botanicals, it has
it’s focus on juicy fresh oranges.
Gin de Cologne Mediterran is our newest product, established in 2023.


Ms. Thamar Stolz
Sales Managaer Cologne Spirits GmbH


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