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NARVA fairy lights for Christmas tree lighting and for individual use on candle arches
A product of: Lichtfuchs GmbH
NARVA fairy lights are produced in our factory in Angermünde.
The range includes indoor and outdoor fairy lights.
The high-quality chains are equipped with a separable connector. The vertical clamp on our candles ensures reliable stability and longevity.
Choose from our candle shapes: pointed candle, mini shaft candle, wooden shaft candle, shaft candle, normal shaft candle.

The candles are produced with an E10 lamp base with power consumption of 3 watts. The LED candles have a power consumption of 0.2 watts.
Fairy lights: with 10, 15, 20 or 30 candles
Cable length: 150 cm
Candle distances: on indoor chains: 60 cm
Candle distances: on outdoor chains: 100 cm


Mr. Thorsten Voß
Lichtfuchs GmbH


Lichtfuchs GmbH

Straße des Friedens 10
16278 Angermünde

Tel.: +49 3331 2997814

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