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RATAGS cogwheel pyramid Erzgebirgsstübchen with 4 tea light holders
Item no. 9930-806

Size approx. 10.2 x 14.5 x 7.0 inch (width x height x depth)
Impeller Ø 15.5 inch
4 tea light holders

A technically sophisticated cogwheel pyramid from RATAGS: three pyramid plates rotate in different directions on three levels, driven by partially visible cogwheels. The pyramid depicts an Erzgebirge workshop with beautiful gabled roofs and large windows where typical Christmas decorations are made. The pyramid has been finished with colorful, high-contrast wood. Four tea lights provide the necessary warmth to power this marvel.

Genuine handcraft from RATAGS - Made in Germany - 100% original Erzgebirge


Mr. Kerstin Hesse
Sales management RATAGS Holzdesign HEIPRO GmbH RATAGS Kunsthandwerk


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