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A product of: Waidmann Feinkost GmbH

Welcome to the exciting world of flavour and enjoyment! In our spice manufactory we have captured the essence of diversity and are constantly creating culinary adventures that inspire the senses!

As delicatessen enthusiasts, we understand that food is not just nourishment, but a journey for the senses. 'Grüne Neune' is the springboard for your culinary creativity - it transforms a simple avocado bread into an unforgettable treat, an explosion of flavours and textures that will textures that will challenge and expand your flavour palette.

Our commitment to quality and sophistication is reflected in each of our condiments under the expert guidance of Hanna Waidmann, our spice sommelier. They are not just spices, but the essence of our passion for exquisite flavour experiences. Immerse yourself into the world of flavours and let 'Grüne Neune' enliven your culinary journey - a journey that you will want to experience again and again.


Ms. Hanna Waidmann
Waidmann Feinkost GmbH


Waidmann Feinkost GmbH

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